Each project represents a certain risk. Success rate of FunnelMind method tightly relates to support and understanding from the Client’s side. How to increase the method effect and avoid risks?

Risk 1: Unreadiness

The company is not prepared to accept identified sources, there appears tendency to derogate the problem or call it unsolvable. The goodwill to admit that we do something wrong is the most frequent barrier for change implementation within the company.

Risk 2: Reserve to novelties

Individual immaturity of some management members who are not prepared for change is company functioning. Some managers are not willing to support new desired state (usually approx. 30% of total), create barriers and search reasons why „it“ is not possible, situation conduces destructive ideas. It is important in this phase to realistically evaluate quality of management team, make changes or arrange coaching.

Risk 3: Lack of time

Action is postponed due to „more important“ tasks – the most frequent reason of failure of any development programme. The execution is postponed from reasons that can be always found.