FunnelMind description

Based on defined targets simulated situations are prepared and their analysis determines particular outcomes, real for implementation into practice, with recommendation of further development.

Particular steps of FunnelMind development method are described as follows:

1. Identification of sources

In this phase the FunnelMind method works cross-sectionally through all levels within the company. It is practically proven that ordinary employees are compared to management closer to the solution.

2. Desired state

Together with the company management based on identified sources a desired state is defined – i.e. state the company wants to achieve, where it wants to get. All management members must be motivated for this common objective.

3. Action

The defined objective must be elaborated into particular steps – actions which have to have realistic background and concrete outcomes (innovation, effectiveness, practical utilisation). Employee development plan incl. management coaching are integral parts of the Action.

4. Result

New attitude, immediately visible changes of employee functioning and motivation.

FunnelMind description